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Surveillance Based Intellectual Property Theft (

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How the Shadow Government Commits Intellectual Property Theft

* Neural monitoring[2] - Brain wave frequency based thought surveillance (can be done remotely & via implant)
* Frequency surveillance of electronics[3]
* Smartphone & computer microphones
* Search engine surveillance
* Software backdoors
* Surveillance data is processed, threats assessed (e.g. a company name that a target comes up with)
* BCI technology is used to implant stolen thoughts to psyche profiled targets
Neural Monitoring Based Intellectual Property Theft

Thought monitoring is perpetrated through artificial intelligence brain wave frequency surveillance and the shadow government commits egregious intellectual property theft via these methods.
Intellectual Property Theft Based Social Engineering

There is a system of surveillance and Ai simulation where each potent thinker is brain mapped and examined for psychological operations based social engineering. Various intelligence agency sources are perpetrators and are as dirty as they can possibly get in dealing with intellectual property theft. Odds are you have seen a Hollywood film (and a lot more) that has been involved in some form of electronic control grid implemented intellectual property theft. Early 21st century media is infested with mkultra based intellectual property theft.
Ai Simulation Based Intellectual Property Theft

Intelligence AI's simulate the global population and commit a form of intellectual property theft without the related person even thinking it. Brain mapping is carried out on targets and AI algorithms are formulated in the image of persons to simulate their thought acumen, this can be then packaged into CIA agenda friendly electronic control grid implementations such as Hollywood films, music, popular social media, business, etc.
Reasons for Intellectual Property Theft

* To co-opt an oppositional but inevitable threat
* To transplant a potent idea from a target to an asset
* To destroy oppositional activity
* To prevent revolutionary societal change
* To protect industry profits
* To prevent a threat to the shadow government's evil from proliferating
As a victim of surveillance based intellectual property theft I want nothing more than the swift and thorough prosecution of the war criminals committing these acts. Intellectual property theft is just the tip of the iceberg of what these sources are afflicting.
[1]: Wiki page is an original article written by Phillip Walker
[2]: Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves - (Google Patents)
[3]: Civil Case: John St. Clair Akwei vs. National Security Agency (NSA) - (

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